ZETOR TRACTORS has been awarded the Superbrands Title

Founded in 1946, Zetor Tractor has grown into one of the best known tractor manufacturers in Europe. More than a million Zetor tractors are in use in almost 100 countries around the world. The quality of Zetor tractors is assured by designing and manufacturing of most components by Zetor at the main plant in Brno, Czech Republic, a country with 100-year tradition of advanced engineering. Zetor strategy has always been based on practical innovation and gradual introduction of new features, only after they have proven themselves.

Zetor Tractor was awarded the Superbrands prize for 2014. The title is being awarded to the best brands on the market. Currently, the biggest worldwide program of independent brands assessment operates in about 90 countries of the world. The assessment is done by professional judges working in the area of business, communication, marketing, media and marketing research. Among the assessment criteria there are popularity, brand building, acceptance, innovation and prestige. This guarantees that the Superbrands title is awarded only to such companies with the best reputation in the respective field. For Zetor Tractor, this award is a proof of high-quality work in the area of building the brand around the whole world.

Dealer Comment: The Zetor Tractors are innovative, dependable, and provide the lowest cost of ownership of all tractors on today's market.

MAJOR ~ Affordable High Performance Utility Tractor
Zetor A universal wheeled farm tractor, intended for working with agricultural implements, industrial aggregates and for agricultural transport, has been designed to honor the basic pillars of the Zetor brand. With its power category under 80hp, Zetor Major builds on one of the most successful models in Zetor's history. This reliable, efficient and easy-to-maintain model has already acquired the reputation of a tractor that has been in service for a lifetime. Zetor
PROXIMA & PROXIMA POWER ~ Heavy-Duty Mid-Size Tractor
Zetor Zetor Proxima tractors are universal mid-sized tractors ranging from 70hp - 120hp, specifically designed for working with agricultural implements and industrial aggregates. Unlike other Proxima models, Proxima Plus tractors have greater engine power and a more modern gearbox design, including Power Shift and Power Shuttle, for more effective work.
FORTERRA & FORTERRA HSX ~ Inexhaustible Power
Zetor Zetor The Zetor Forterra series offers engine powers of up to 140 HP, which makes it a very strong alternative to rival six-cylinder tractors. Construction of Forterra tractors has been adapted accordingly – these are robust, heavyweight tractors. Due to very good torque parameters, they are appreciated as hard workers and excellent value for money. Forterra tractors are unbeatable in terms of operational costs.
ZETOR SYSTEMS ~ Front Loaders and Drum Mowers
Zetor Zetor The all-new Zetor front loaders offer a number of features not found on any other loaders. These superior loaders come as a complete kit, with all matching hydraulics included. The loader kit includes a heavy duty joystick and a dedicated loader valve, so tractor remotes are not occupied. Both the loader and the bucket are quick-attach.

Zetor System drum mowers are built to last. A 10-20 year life span is common. We have been building them for over 30 years in our world-class manufacturing plant in the Czech Republic using only top quality materials.


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